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The Whole Kit and Caboodle


What’s in a spill kit? Today there are a variety of different spill kits that are all aimed at doing the same thing: soaking up your spill. Whether it’s a General Purpose, Oil Only or Chemical Kit they will all contain similar sorbent types or forms. Today I am going to take some time to tell you a bit about what you will find in your spill kit and the best way to use it to clean up your spill.

It is important to keep in mind that kit contents and quantities may change from brand to brand and can also vary depending on the specific requirements of your workplace.  Generally kits contain socks, pads, pillows and personal protection equipment with the different size spill kits holding different amounts of sorbents  

The first product that I am going to talk to you about is socks, as they are usually the first defence in the clean up of a spill. Socks are used to coral the liquid to stop it from spreading. They are also used to barricade liquids and stop liquids from dispersing under workshop machinery or into storm water drains. There are usually two size socks in spill kits a 1.2m and a 3.6m depending on the size of your spill kit.

The next product I will let you know of today is pillows. Pillows are used as a high absorbency option once a spill has been contained with socks. Simply place the pillow on the contained spill, leave it to soak the liquids and then flip it over to allow for maximum absorption. Pillows generally come in 45cm x45cm sizes.

The last absorbent product that I will talk to you about today is pads. Pads are probably the most used product in a spill kit which is why most kits contain more pads than any other product. They are also generally the item that needs replacing the most. Pads are used as a more everyday product because they can be used singularly for minor spills or used in high quantities for major workplace spills. Maximum absorption is achieved by scattering the pads over the spill and, like the pillows; you leave them to allow absorption before flipping them over to get the most out of their absorbency. Pads can be used as an alternative to rags for wiping work benches or small drips on workshop floors. Pads are a great option to catch drips around you workplace and are usually about 40 x 50cm.

The last item within a spill kit I want to talk about today is PPE, Personal Protection Equipment. PPE products will generally change from spill kit to spill kit but they will always have gloves and disposable bags. Additional PPE is always suggested in order to tackle those big workplace spills.    

I hope todays blog will help you if the need to clean up a spill arises in your workplace and  remember the best thing to do in the case of a spill is be prepared!